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Hang The Code
Anonymous: Did you like On Stranger Tides? I mean it wasn't as good as the others but what was your general opinion of it?

i was very drunk when i saw it at the cinema and i still thought it was bad

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hangthecode: tell me what song this is from "ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh"



heavy metal lover - lady gaga

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ba-sing-saying: Your url is excellent.

Thanks, it’s also my Xbox One gamertag ;) 

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hangthecode replied to your post “just found a potc reference on pottermore :)”

pics or it didn’t happen


tadaa :) so cute what she’s writing!

Ha! That’s brilliant.

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Hans Zimmer (September 121957).

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help is this a good selfie it’s for love

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help is this a good selfie it’s for love

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Anonymous: I've hereby now stalked your entire blog, all 57 pages, And I have to say. Your blog is amazing.

i am glad you think so because i am still kind of embarrassed about it

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Anonymous: You are so attractive

one time i was in physics and mr. wiley was giving a lecture about gravity and he said “everyone carries a small gravitational pull. for example, i’m attracted to thomas” and i blushed

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Anonymous: I'm not sure how long ago you made the medley video of potc soundtrack but I love the middle part of the song , do you happen to know what that score is called? I've been looking for it everywhere !

Sure, in order it’s like this:

He’s A Pirate (Curse of the Black Pearl)
End Credits (On Stranger Tides)
End Credits (Deadman’s Chest)
Drink Up Me Hearties (At World’s End)

and here's the link in case anyone wants to check it out.

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Anonymous: please make more potc stuff! ilu

ugh do you really want me to be like one of those harry potter kids who just can’t let go

and before any of you say shit


tread carefully

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